Mükava® ergonomic reading products hold laptops, tablets, phones, books, magazines and documents. Additionally, the reading surface can be used as a white board to facilitate communicate ideas between team members. These hands-free products help alleviate pain and facilitate healthy posture, while providing support for print or electronic media.




Mükava® includes an integrated charging cable that will charge Apple® devices that use a Thunder Cable® and Android® devices. Additionally, there is an extra USB that that can be used to charge a second device; together they provide 5V and 4A of power when plugged into a power supply.

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Document Pebbles are stored neatly in the back of Mükava and are used for securing documents to the surface. The book bands (conveniently stored in the back) can hold bound materials.


Books are secured with bands that tuck under the Mükava® surface while documents are held with document pebbles. Mobile devices adhere with a Mükava® pad or Mükava® Case.


Mükava® reading surfaces are made with<br /> Polyvision® E3 ceramic steel for use as a<br /> white board and best in class magnetic<br /> adhesion.


Mükava Ezy-Glide™ accessory wheels with<br /> easy-to-use brakes turn the table stand into<br /> a rolling stand so that it can be moved<br /> easily from room to room. (Four per set).


Mükava® accessory LED lights provide two<br /> settings to allow you read traditional media<br /> without the need for ambient light.



Features & Benefits


  • Polyvision® E3 Ceramic Steel that is easy to clean, best in class magnetic adhesion and no-ghosting white board writing.
  • Devices adhere to reading surface with Mükava® pads or Mükava® cases.
  • Five (5) year warranty.
  • Mükava Ezy-Glide™ accessory wheels with easy-to-use brakes turn the table stand into a rolling stand.
  • Tablet security through Kensington Mükava® Security Solutions™ or third party solutions.
  • Weight limit: 5 lbs (2.2 kg) (appropriate for many laptops, tablets, cell phones, and most print material).
  • Mükava® provides 5v 4amp of power when plugged into a power supply.
  • Mükava® Power cable keeps Apple® and Android® devices charged.
  • Easy to clean with commercial and hospital grade solutions.


MK-55-TS-RS Includes


  • Mükava Pads (3 Tablet Pads & 1 Mobile Pad)
  • USB LED Light
  • Power Adaptor + universal plug set


Available Accessories


  • Mükava Case for iPad
  • Mükava Case for iPhone 6/7
  • Mükava Case for iPhone 6+/7+
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