The first complete ‘Second Generation’ desktop sit/stand solution.
Mukava® is dedicated to providing complete ergonomic end solutions to people around the world.

The patented Mukava® SmartDesk™ is the breakthrough second-generation desktop sit/stand solution that offers the best in class solution for stakeholders across the enterprise well as end users.

MK-55-SD laptop

Accessory Sensor


The SmartDesk™ addresses four key shortcomings of today’s sit/stand desk solutions. First, sit/stand desk users tend to either sit or stand all day long without regularly varying their working postures; depriving them of the benefits of the sit/stand desk. With the Mukava® SmartDesk™ accessory sensor, end users are encouraged to regularly stand or sit throughout the day. All other sit/stand solutions encourage the end user to maintain bad posture while working with their mobile devices.


Creative Smart Lifting


Secondly, with the integrated Mükava desktop ergonomic solution for all electronic and traditional media, end users will be able to maintain the ideal work posture throughout the day. Thirdly, the variable lift system makes it easy for anyone to adjust the height without risk of hurting their lower back. Finally, the sliding keyboard tray allows the end user to keep their hands close to their waist to maintain the ideal ergonomic distance of an arm’s length from their computer screen and to avoid lower back pain.

Schematic diagram of correct use


With the Mükava® desktop ergonomic accessory solution, your electronic devices are raised to the proper eye level, allowing end users to use that valuable space on the desk for other tasks. More importantly, the mounting solution pushes to the side and allows you to continue to have face to face collaborative meetings with the built in white board solution.