What you need to know about Mükava.

Mükava FAQs

What is the Mükava platform?

Mükava ergonomic products provide hands-free support for electronic devices and reading materials in a variety of settings.  Mükava comes in three styles: freestanding, wall/table mount, and for monitor arm use.

What is MK-55-DM / GM / WM?

This desk, table or wall mounted version of Mükava was designed to allow end users to use all forms of mobile and traditional media in an ergonomically sound way.  The tension of the arm can be adjusted to precisely hold anything from a few pieces of paper to the heaviest laptop perfectly.

How do I adjust the Mükava table stand?

Mükava’s adjustable stand can be adjusted through squeezing the adjustment lever below the surface, listening for the two clicks then lifting up. The hinges of the table lock in 12° gradients so release the table just above where you would like to use it. The reading surface can be further adjusted to the left and right up to 270 degrees as well as up and down on its roller ball hinge to extent permitted by the cable cover.

How to clean Mükava?

All Mükava products can be cleaned with commercial grade cleaning agents. Mükava’s reading surface is made with anti-bacterial materials. We recommend wiping down the table surface regularly to remove dirt and debris.

How should Mükava be positioned?

Mükava should be adjusted so that whatever is being read or viewed is at eye level, in a position that create no additional tension in the neck or shoulders.

Does it need any adaptors?

Mükava comes with a universal power system adaptor and the plug should be appropriate for your local A/C outlet

Can all Mükava products be used the same way?

No. In addition to all the capabilities of the table stand, Mükava for Tabletop MK-55-MM and Mükava for Monitor Arm (MK-50) may also be used with laptop computers.

What are the Product Warranties?

All products have a five (5) year limited warranty.

Mükava Pads

How does the Mükava pad for smart phone and tablet work?

If you are not using a the Mükava case for iphone or ipad, you can use a Mükava pad for your phones and tablets adhere to the reading surface of Mükava. This pad is applied to the back of an electronic device, and stays in place using micro-suction cups with no adhesives.

Can I use Mükava pads with any device or protective case?

As of today, Mükava can be used with any reading tablet or device except those ‘curved’ devices from Samsung. It can be used with almost all protective cases. However, in some cases, applying the cellophane strip between the case and the Mükava pad works best. Always test the adhesion of the Mükava pad to a device before placing it on the Mükava reading surface.

Will the magnet in the Mükava pad affect my phone or tablet memory?

Mobile devices uses ‘flash’ memory and are not affected by the magnet in Mükava pads. We have thoroughly tested the Mükava pad with all devices found on the market to date, and have found no memory issues.

Should the Mükava pad be removed when it is not in use?

We provide multiple pads with each Mükava, and we recommend that they be installed and left in place if you are not using a Mükava case for ipad or iphone. However, they can be removed at any time, should the need arise.

Should the Mükava pad be cleaned regularly? If so, how?

The Mükava pad does not need to be cleaned if it is left attached to a mobile device and it remains clean. If the Mükava pad has been exposed to air and it becomes dirty, it can be washed with soapy water for 30 seconds and left to air dry for 8 minutes.

Are extra Mükava pads available for purchase?

Yes, they are available through authorized resellers.

Other Information

Can I charge any electronic product on my Mükava?

The USB ports can put out 5 volts and 4 amps of power, enough to power or charge two phones or reading tablets simultaneously.

Does Mükava need power in order to function?

No. Mükava will perform normally without being plugged in, but will not charge any devices or allow use of the USB LED light.

Are extra LED lights available for purchase?

Yes they are available through authorized resellers.

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