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Mukava North America, Inc. is a manufacturer of mobile device mounting platforms designed to help relieve the pain associated with TechNeck.  Our products raise mobile devices (phones, tablets and laptops) up so that we are in a more ergonomic position.  With a typical return on investment of $8:$1 for ergonomic tools, our products are perfect for private offices, workstations, conference rooms, collaborative spaces and commons areas.

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With their introduction into our professional and personal lives over the last 15 to 20 years, mobile phones, laptops and tablets are a constant companion for many of us. Today’s office workers depend on their mobile devices throughout their workday. We use them for messaging, e-mailing, presenting and sometimes even making phone calls. Unfortunately we use these devices on desktops in straining positions for long periods of time. The pain and strain from the use of these devices we call TechNeck.

TechNeck is the 21st Century’s repetitive stress syndrome; pain caused in the fragile cervical spine from repetitive strained use of digital devices. Given that ergonomic interventions typically offer an $8:$1 return on investment the use of ergonomic tools in the workplace should become an essential part of any business’ strategy to reduce healthcare costs and keep their teams happy.


Mükava products bridge the divide between knowledge workers and HR, Well Being and Facilities Managers– giving each what they need and bridge the chasm between mobile device functionality and comfort – raising the device easily into an appropriate line of sight.

Mükava products reduce employees’ stress and improve their productivity – we see immense return on investment of each ergonomic intervention and sleekly augment any office space and every workspace, ensuring that everyone in that space can utilize their mobile device in an ergonomically supportive way.

Mükava products save businesses money by helping to reduce health insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses incurred by employees who visit chiropractors and physiotherapists and meet the needs of facility managers to convert a workspace easily between one employee today and another tomorrow in the same workspace.

High-end industrial furniture design meets modern digital living in Mükava. Mükava mobile device mounting solutions are designed to allow technology to conform to our needs as consumers in the most ergonomic way possible.

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