Higher Education

With students spending an average of 7.5 hours per on their mobile devices, Mukava’s products are perfect to help ensure correct posture and alleviate the pain associated with TechNeck.  Great for the dorm room, libraries, coffee shops, common areas and even classrooms.

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Mükava ergonomic mounting solutions are ideal for students of all ages who spend long hours engaged with electronic devices and study materials. Mükava products help alleviate neck and shoulder pain, and facilitate healthy posture. They also integrate digital tools into learning and collaborative environments.


Mükava products support ergonomically sound use of digital and traditional media and facilitate collaboration between users.

Mükava products can be used with laptops, tablets, books and documents offer mobile device charging.

Mükava products can be used by students in classrooms, libraries, dorm rooms and cafés.

High-end industrial furniture design meets modern digital living in Mükava. Mükava mobile device mounting solutions are designed to allow technology to conform to our needs as consumers in the most ergonomic way possible.