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With technology becoming an integral part of senior living facilities, Mukava’s products are great for both residents and staff, promoting well-bbest essay review serviceseing and engagement.  Our products can be used to hold a tablet or phone along with books and magazines, allowing for our bodies to be in a more ergonomic position to alleviate neck, back and shoulder pain.

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Mükava ergonomic reading tables hold tablets, phones, and reading materials. Mükava is ideal for seniors who suffer from physical limitations or pain in their necks, shoulders, hands or arms. These hands-free products help alleviate pain and facilitate healthy posture. They also improve quality of life through renewed enjoyment of reading and digital tools.


Mükava products were developed with older users in mind to provide a pain-free way for older adults to sharpen their minds, enjoy daily life and stay engaged through reading and using mobile devices.

Mükava products allow older users to use their traditional media in maximum comfort and are designed for ease in manipulation and should be necessary part of everything common room, library, entertainment centers or even the exercise room.

Mükava products Can be positioned for anyone no matter whether they are in bed, in a chair or standing.

Approximately two in five seniors indicate that they have a “physical or health condition that makes reading difficult or challenging” or a “disability, handicap, or chronic disease that prevents them from fully participating in many common daily activities.”

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